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To request interviews with Sandra Hinchliffe or any of the other authors on this site, or to use recipes, quotes, or photos with proper credit back to the author and this site please email hempista AT hempista.com.

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To submit articles, product recommendations, and other information of interest to our demographic, to make advertising inquiries or any other type of inquiry email hempista[AT]hempista.com  your mail will be forwarded to the appropriate department

Sandra’s Expertise Availability

Sandra is not able to accommodate requests for free labor, or brain picking sessions. She is not able to “work for free in exchange for exposure” or any other work for free scheme. Sandra’s work receives much exposure already through mainstream media outlets. Content production, art, photography, recipe formulation, styling, and everything else Sandra does is a professional service and there are fees for these services. Sandra’s freelance consulting rates vary based on location, job, and other factors–please contact Sandra or her assistant for more information about your specific job. hempista AT hempista.com

Who We Are:

Hempista Magazine was the first hemp/cannabis publication to focus on beauty, fashion, wellness, home and lifestyle. We were launched in 2011. Hempista Magazine is also the first cannabis lifestyle publication to partner with mainstream brands for reviews, press and advertising.

PR and Product Placement

Placing products or relevant press releases and news with Hempista.com is easy; but it’s different from buying an advertising package.

First, contact us at hempista AT hempista.com and pitch us what you have! It needs to be relevant : hemp, fashion, beauty, home, eco products, hemp foods and dry goods, hemp lifestyles, careers, articles of interest to women & lgbt. We reserve the right to reject products and services for reviews or advertising.

If this is a product or service, we need a sample. If this is a dry good, beauty product or a food product, a sample would be nice; but high resolution photographs are the best for fashion, home and furnishings.

We do not guarantee product placement in any of our articles. — but we sure do try to include everyone with products and services that meet our quality standards!

We disclose our relationship with you (if any, including the disclosure of samples) according to FTC regulations.

Press for your product, service, store, site, whatever, is not free advertising. We, like other publications, are press, and post what we genuinely think and recommend. Reviews and news are not advertorials.

If you have a dispensary product or dispensary you would like us to review, please contact via email hempista AT hempista.com – We only review cannabis dispensary products available in Northern California at this time. If you are out of this area or out of state, we can still give your product or dispensary some press. email us with your press pack and we’ll try to include you. We do not accept product samples from dispensaries or cannabis product manufacturers outside of California.

Product Placement Standards for Press and Paid Advertising

1. No MLM. No network marketing or other vernacular to describe the same activity these terms represent. We do not place press or offer sponsor and ad placements for any MLM regardless of the products. Along these same lines, no stock schemes or pump-and-dump type of companies.

2. We have a strict allergy and sensitivity policy in place for culinary, cosmetic, and wellness products and services. Hempista Magazine is a reliable source for the cannabis and hemp community to refer to when seeking product and service recommendations which are labeling compliant and big 8 compliant, as well as preservative-free. You can read more about anaphylaxis here — our commitment at Hempista Magazine is to serve this under-served, but critical need in the cannabis community for more allergen and preservative-free products and services.

Direct Advertisers

We offer some opportunities for sponsored posts that are in compliance with Google webmaster regulations. You may contact us for pricing hempista AT hempista dot com To get the most out of working with us as a publisher, we will create an effective ad space for you that stands out as featured content, while meeting the rigorous technical standards that ultimately lead to great traffic online. We think you’ll like the price too. We encourage you to contact us if you think our demographic is a great fit for your brand.

Our Network Advertisers

Our network advertisers Google and Mantis, which serves their ad space on our site, selects and approves their own advertisers and are responsible for those selections. We do not select the ads that are placed through these services, the are selected by the respective ad networks and the ads on those networks that display on our site are the sole responsibility of the ad networks.


Hempista.com does accept product submissions for review, paid advertising and advertorials that are of interest to our staff and/or readership. Hempista.com is FTC compliant and we disclose all relationships with products that are on our site. This means that when we write about products that have sent us samples for review or advertisers that have paid us for an article, we disclose this in the article. Many product reviews on our site are products we have purchased ourselves and want to write about it; in that instance, we do not need to disclose (nothing to disclose).

We do not sell links or accept any link selling schemes.

Our Demographic:

Age: 21-65+ a significant senior audience.   Gender: Female  – single, married, partnered, unmarried, moms and women without children in the home – Men make up about 25% of our audience.

We also have a lgbt following. Hemp and eco related lgbt themes ie; Valentines Day, Pride Month

Politics are all over the place 😉 Conservative, Liberal, Libertarian, Green, Democrat, Republican, etc. One issue our demographic would collectively agree on is the legalization of hemp farming for family products such as hemp seed and hemp fabric and cannabis products for medicine and adult consumption.

Our demographic likes quality products with a special interest in hemp clothing, furnishings, accessories, products,  hemp foods, spa, allergies, wellness, and healthy eating–a frequent hemp products consumer and/or medical cannabis patient and/or a consumer of cannabis.

Our Policy on Cannabis Use:

Our discussion and articles pertaining to the use of cannabis are strictly limited to the adult, legal, medicinal use of cannabis in states and countries that have approved its use for medical purposes.  This policy may change in the future if and when such time the legal status of cannabis changes. (Recreational cannabis use in the following states MAY be discussed on our site as the legal status of cannabis has changed in those states to include recreational use – Colorado, Washington – And internationally, Amsterdam, Vietnam, Laos) Please consult your attorney for any questions regarding the legalities of cannabis in your area.

Third-Party Commentary

Any statements made by a third-party on Hempista.com, belong to that third-party and we take no responsibility for anything written here that is not published by a staff member.

Nothing contained in this website should be interpreted as legal or medical advice. Please consult your attorney or licensed physician for legal or medical advice.