Adventures in Wildcrafting with the Summit+ Vape!

The wild turkey I met while wildcrafting last week!
The wild turkey I met while wildcrafting last week!

Many of you know that I am a avid wildcrafter. I am particularly fond of wildcrafting invasive plants, not only for the wonderful medicine, food, and pleasure they have to offer, but also because wildcrafting invasives is a great contribution to the environment as a whole. Invasive plants have a lot offer! Best of all, invasives are FREE, abundant–and you don’t get much more organic than a wild plant untouched by mankind!

Wildcrafting is a lot like hunting, fishing, and hiking. You’ll run into a lot of wildlife, like this turkey. And you’ll also be treading through overgrowth, rocks, and water. Packing your wildcrafting kit for the day–your clippers, bags, water bottle, bug spray, first aid (wild blackberries have the sharpest thorns of all!), and last but not least you are going to want to pack a vape that fits in your pocket and is easy to use when you are taking a break from your gathering.

Vapium sent me the Summit+ Vape, one of their all-weather, all-environment vapes to try in the great outdoors for wildcrafting and hiking. It’s a great little, lightweight, pocket-sized vape made of BPA-free food-grade plastic with an all stainless steel interior, bowl and vape path. Lightweight is good when you’ve got a bunch of other stuff to carry–and good if you tend to drop and stumble over things like I do with my arthritis. I’ve dropped this vape at least a dozen times since getting it a month ago and it’s still going strong! The vape itself includes a nice little band you can slip over the bowl to protect it from popping off and losing all of the contents should it be dropped. The bowl cover has a very secure magnet–but alas this can pop off if the vape is dropped, so take advantage of this feature if you are taking this vape out into the wild, or skydiving, or whatever.

Here’s the other cool thing: it also pairs with your smartphone to get that perfect temperature setting. And speaking of temperature and battery, the Summit+ operates on the highest settings, what I found to be the ideal temperature for ground flowers. Vapium has it in the bag when it comes to flavor, battery life, and warm-up time–but don’t expect to use this vape with concentrates because it does not handle those very well. This is really a flower vape–so if you are a connoisseur looking for a quality vape at a good price point with lots of durability and features–for $149, this is it!