About The Author, Sandra Hinchliffe

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I’m the author of two books, The Cannabis Spa at Home (2015, Skyhorse Publishing) and High Tea (2017, Skyhorse Publishing), a certified allergy chef (Certified in both Allertrain and ServSafe Allergens, as well as having a California food handlers card), a home herbalist for more than twenty-five years–and as many years as an experienced forager of wild food, flowers, and herbs, a visual artist, and webmaster.

I’m also a survivor of multiple autoimmune disease and an anaphylactic who carries epipens for life-threatening food and environmental allergies. In 2011 I was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune condition known as Orbital Pseudotumor/Granuloma and received treatment for several years at Stanford Hospital including radiation and immune therapy. I have also lived with severe allergic reactions my entire life, starting as a toddler in the 1960s! I am passionate about serving my autoimmune and allergy community–with a special interest in bringing comfort and joy through my writings, recipes, and handmade goods.

Today I am a coastal resident of Del Norte County, California–the tip of the “Emerald Triangle” in Northern California. I live with my geeky husband and sassy parrot–who recently made his debut in my latest book, High Tea! I like to garden, collect driftwood and agates, and spend a lot of time in my kitchen formulating new spa and culinary creations.

I am available for speaking engagements, interviews, articles or events! I am an expert speaker and writer on cannabis, many herbalism topics, a patient advocate in the autoimmune and allergy community, as well as the technical procedures and methods of preparing food, drink, dining spaces, events, retail spaces, or manufacturing spaces for serving allergic and intolerant populations. To get in touch with me about an engagement please contact my public relations manager, Thierry Foucheux – thierry @ posyandkettle.com

If you’d like to send me a note about my books, handmade goods, or a question, I love to talk to my fans about most anything. You can reach out to me directly sandra @ posyandkettle.com

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