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Wild Lotion: Blackberry Leaf and Lavender Cannabis Lotion Recipe

blackberry leaf lotion

An amazing thing is taking place in California right now–it’s blackberry blossom season. Soon these same abundant wild plants will have berries to share with us and other wildlife. But if you thought that the blackberry was all berries, and pies, and a major inconvenience if you happen to fall into a patch of these VERY SHARP and thorny canes–read on because this wild plant is invasive almost everywhere in the USA has so much more to offer! Every part of this plant can be used for food, teas, and yes, to make terrific lotions, salves, soaps, and more.

If you currently use hemp or cannabis lotions to soothe and cool skin irritations you are going to want to add blackberry leaf to your herbal repertoire. If you’ve ever used plantain salves, for example, I think you are going to love working with blackberry leaf even more. I know I did. It has a fresher fragrance than plantain, and can even give off a slight ‘rose-y’ fragrance using the right processing techniques. Blackberry leaves do everything that plantain does in topical preparations, and best of all it pairs really well with cannabis.

Blackberry leaves get their powerful medicinal activity from the extremely high tannin content which can be adjusted through various processing techniques. For topical preparations with cannabis we are going to create a dry lotion (essentially, a shelf-stable lotion made from fats and lecithin) infused with fresh blackberry leaves, fresh lavender flowers, and a half-gram of cured cannabis flowers. You may use fresh cannabis flowers too, with 1 – 2 grams to the equivalent cannabinoid infusion of the dry flowers.

Use this blackberry leaf marijuana lotion to settle irritated skin, bites, bruises, and itching:

Makes about 8 ounces of preservative-free, shelf-stable dry lotion.


1/2 cup of fresh blackberry leaves, chopped

1/2 cup of fresh lavender flowers, chopped

1/2 gram of ground cannabis flower

3/4 cup camellia seed oil (you may substitute sunflower seed oil)

2 tablespoons of mango seed butter

1 tablespoon of kokum butter

1 gram of liquid sunflower lecithin

3 cups of water


1. Put everything EXCEPT the sunflower lecithin into a pot and simmer gently with a lid for about 30 minutes. Set aside and allow it to cool enough to stop making steam before you open the lid.

2. Strain the plant matter from the liquid and allow the warm liquid to separate completely. This will happen before it gets cold.

3. Siphon off the fat now floating at the top–make sure NOT to draw up any water into the turkey baster or syringe you are using for siphoning. Water content will cause this lotion to spoil quickly. There will be a small slick of oil left on top of the water after you siphon and you can draw this up and use it on your skin immediately!

4. In a small pan on the stove add the fats and sunflower lecithin. On low heat thoroughly dissolve the lecithin into the fat. Remove from heat.

5. Pour into a clean, glass lotion bottle. Feel free to add a few drops of lavender essential oil if you wish! Put this into the refrigerator for about 30 minutes to cool. Remove from the refrigerator and shake vigorously until you have a creamy lotion. Don’t store in the refrigerator because it will get solid and not pour! This is meant to be stored on a shelf at room temperature.


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