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Chai and Thai! Chai Masala Blend Recipe


If you are a regular here at my site, we’ll venture a guess that you’ve had Thai — chocolate thai, lemon thai, pineapple thai, being the most popular thai strains circulating nowadays. They are among my favorite strains–especially for afternoon tea!

These flowers really do live up to their legendary status; and as sativas, paired with a spicy chai, they make the perfect break-time refreshment, 4:20, at the office, or really, anywhere you like, but be sure of one thing, this is a recipe for those of us that like to skip the martini lunches and go for the vape instead!

We got lucky a few weeks back and had the opportunity to stock up on a little Pineapple Thai–a beautiful pairing with a strong, spicy tea beverage like chai.

In order to make chai, you need to make chai masala. Masala means “mix.” Sometimes you can buy really good masala mixes at your local India grocer. The best ones are spicy and contain black pepper along with other powerful spices. If you don’t have an Asian grocer, you can make your own tea masala from spice ingredients readily available and most grocery stores.

My personal masala blend for chai makes a very spicy and invigorating tea when used with the traditional Assam black teas of India–however, any black tea will work, but Assam is the best. One of my favorite Assams only available at middle eastern and Indian markets is the Assam produced by the Lipton company under their “Lipton Yellow Label” brand. This is a decidedly different tea from the typical “American” Lipton and the taste is very different. The package will also most likely have some Arabic or Hindi writing on it–so look for Lipton Yellow Label in your favorite ethnic supermarket.

Prepare the masala and store in a tightly sealed jar in your cabinet or spice rack.

Chai Masala:

1 tbsp black pepper
4 tbsp ginger powder
3 tbsp cardamom
3 tbsp cinnamon
3 tbsp allspice

Shake and store in a jar.

You’ll need 1 teaspoon of masala mix per pot of tea (2 – 4 cups).

Brew one pot of very dark, very black tea. Add spices while brewing.

Hemp milk is really good with this! Add enough hemp milk to make it as creamy as you like. Sweeten as desired.

Perfect with a vape full of your favorite thai or heavenly-high sativa.

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