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CBD For You: Two Simple Rules to Guide Your Journey!

CBD is a hot herbal supplement these days and with so many products to choose from, how do you select legitimate and quality products and services utilizing this novel cannabinoid from the cannabis plant? CBD otherwise known as Cannabidiol is one of the most talked-about and most sought-after herbal remedies […]

CBD MLM: The CBD-From-Hops Deception

If you are an avid reader of most of the large cannabis media concerns, no doubt you have been following the exciting news about CBD derived from hops, and the press releases about the patent filing as well as this new product which has promised to be a disruptive element […]

Ginger Orange Blossom Bhang

In the spring here in California the orange trees burst into blossoms that are so rich in fragrance you can smell them everywhere. Yes, even in the drought the trees gave us blossoms and fruit this year. The blossoms are a fine beauty and culinary ingredient, fresh or dried. When […]

Dabbing: Why This Doesn’t Need To Be So Controversial

By now it is likely that you’ve heard of or tried the latest trend in cannabis consumption – the essential oil dab. This involves using a vape pen that is designed to dispense the cannabis essential oil or by using a glass bubbler outfitted with a titanium plate or nail. […]