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CBD Cannabidiol : Why You Want This in Your Herbs

CBD or Cannabidiol is a cannabinoid, one of 60+ including THC, which is part of the chemical makeup of the cannabis plant. CBD by itself is not intoxicating, and has numerous health benefits that have been proven in multiple clinical studies. Some of these benefits include: anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety, anti-psychotic and analgesic effects.

Even in a very liberal medical marijuana state like California, the most profoundly healing part of the majority of commercial and collective cannabis available, the CBD, otherwise known as Cannabidiol, is missing. It’s forgotten in favor of chemistry that brings the most profit in a black market prohibition economy. If this isn’t shocking news to you, it should be, and this is why:

CBD: Anti-Anxiety, Anti-Psychotic, Neuroprotective

Does pot make you paranoid? Contrary to drug war mythology, that claims modern cannabis is “stronger,” and thus more dangerous than the hippie weeds of yesteryear, it is the drug war and the proponents of the drug war that induce anxiety and psychosis. Oh, and a few backhanded clinical studies that have never taken CBD into consideration when formulating their conclusions about the development of psychotic diseases, which were all based on high THC “skunk” varieties that have no CBD in favor of increasingly high THC levels.

CBD has been shown in numerous reproducible clinical studies to modify the undesirable side effects of pure THC. But you don’t need a lab to tell you this! If you’ve got “pot paranoia” it’s pretty likely you’re not getting enough CBD.

This evidence bears out rather strongly when you consider that the same “THC anxiety” reports occur in many patients taking the pharmaceutical drug Marinol (a chemically derived version of THC called Dronabinol) which itself is lacking in CBD or any of the other cannabinoids that naturally occur in the whole cannabis flower.

Wild or “landrace” cannabis is rich in CBD as well as the 60+ other cannabinoids in cannabis which includes THC. One such strain, pictured here, Harlequin, is a mix of landrace genetics, including heirlooms like Columbian Gold, that typically produces anywhere from 5-15% CBD at harvest time.

So, do you need to sacrifice THC for a better level of CBD? Not really. The strain on the right has a whopping 20% THC and 10% CBD level which creates the perfect balance! Remember: not every batch of the same strain is going to have the same cannabinoid levels; it’s always best to get flowers that have been tested or grow your own.

Here is a short list of some of the strains you may find in your legalized location that typically are high in CBD content:

* Harlequin (Sativa)
* True Blueberry (Sativa Based)
* Cannatonic (Sativa)
* SR-1 (hybrid)
* Some batches of Cookie strains
* Some Kush strains

If you are growing your own and want to maximize your CBD harvest, purchase clones of one of the tried-and-true high CBD strains like Harlequin or True Blueberry.

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