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CBD For You: Two Simple Rules to Guide Your Journey!

My personal CBD oil stash as of 8/28/2018. Gifted to me by a CBD farmer. Strain is Harley-Tsu. Processed in MCT oil this CBD oil is 10mg CBD and a little less than 1 mg of THC per ml according to lab results. It has a delicious and naturally-occurring minty flavor from the high concentration of terpenes present in the flowers it was made from. It has no psychoactive effects.

CBD is a hot herbal supplement these days and with so many products to choose from, how do you select legitimate and quality products and services utilizing this novel cannabinoid from the cannabis plant? CBD otherwise known as Cannabidiol is one of the most talked-about and most sought-after herbal remedies in the world right now!

Like you, I am a patient and a customer who uses and has also purchased CBD-rich cannabis products. Right now I am very fortunate to live in a legal state near a kind farmer who is also a caregiver that has gifted me with the beautiful jar of oil that is depicted here. But, I have also purchased CBD products, like oils, resins, and flowers, with no or very little psychoactivity (THC), and rich in CBD. CBD has been part of my personal pain management repertoire for many years. I have actively sought out specific strains rich in the cannabinoid for everything from adding to the topical cannabis products I make for myself, to oral use, and also flowers and concentrated products suitable for vaporizing.

Harlequin CBD

My favorite CBD strain is Harlequin–and I even wrote about that here some years back.

As an author of two cannabis books I receive many questions from my readers about cannabis, and in particular CBD. With the wide availability and selection of CBD products, of course you are going to have many questions!

Sometimes I am asked to recommend brands. But i think there is a different conversation that you and I need to have, especially when it comes to CBD–because selecting a good CBD product has nothing at all to do with brands and everything to do with the plant itself.

Forget about brands and start thinking about farmers, plants, and independent and verifiable test results.

CBD comes from the cannabis plant–and all cannabis whether it is rich in THC or rich in CBD, even when it goes by the name ‘hemp’ comes from the cannabis sativa plant. One plant — many different strains!

There are two rules that I live by for selecting CBD products and I am going to share those rules with you. I promise, that if you apply these two rules each and every time you purchase any CBD product you will not be disappointed, and more importantly, you will not be risking your health. The message I have for you, as a fellow patient who has lived with severe autoimmune disease and anaphylaxis for a significant portion of my life and as a customer of CBD products and services is that your health and well-being should come before any brand or marketing promise. These two rules will ensure your safety and the safety of the people you love:

Rule Number One: The CBD product you purchase should be traceable back to a farm or farmer in the USA or the country you are purchasing CBD products in. And this information should be available for you to easily verify on your own, independent of anything a CBD company tells you.

Brands who eliminate the farmer or are dodgy about this topic have something to hide. Farmers and their plants are the foundation of everything good that comes from CBD! Without them, divorced from them, everything falls apart–and fancy packaging cannot save a product that doesn’t have a farmer who stands behind it. Pictures provided by the farmer of the farm, and information about the plants, including strains and photos should be available for any customer to view on demand.

Rule Number Two: The CBD product that you purchase should have test results from an independent lab that is not associated or affiliated in any way with the company selling the product. And it should be a simple task for a customer to pick up the phone, or send and email to this lab to verify the test results of this product.

Independent test results are vital for protecting your health and the health of your loved ones. Test results not only measure the amount of CBD and other cannabinoids and terpenes in the product, but also measure things like pesticide contamination, mold contamination, and any other potentially hazardous contamination. The cannabis plant is a powerful remediator of the soil and has the potential to absorb a lot of toxins from the environment– this one of the most important reasons why independently verifiable tests are crucial to a safe and positive experience with CBD products. Ask for those test results, verify them, or walk away from the sale.

It is my wish that you have the same wonderful journey with CBD that I have enjoyed over the years–I hope that this guide will serve you well in finding the best products, and the products you enjoy the most!

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