CBD MLM: The CBD-From-Hops Deception

If you are an avid reader of most of the large cannabis media concerns, no doubt you have been following the exciting news about CBD derived from hops, and the press releases about the patent filing as well as this new product which has promised to be a disruptive element in the emerging CBD market. It’s been covered with flowery praise and promotion in publications such as the Denver Westword, Merry Jane, Cannabiz Journal, The Fresh Toast, Pop Sugar, Civilized, and more.

But in fact , the media coverage of this so-called scientific innovation has been little more than public relations copy–and as you are about to see, it embodies everything we’ve come to know about fake news.

As a journalist, I think it is important to let the evidence speak for itself without an overlay of my opinions. The truth here is that it took me all of about 15 minutes of reverse image search on a variety of photos that were posted on media sites and on the so-called patent owner and affiliates websites (ImmunAG, Peak Health, Kannaway, MJNA) to find out that the images being used to represent the laboratory of ImmunAG and the so-called hops CBD-producing plant, kriya humulus, are not what they say they are.

Before I post the evidence I have uncovered, I do have one question: Are we surprised that this is, in fact, a multi-level marketing product being sold by none other than the granddaddy of all CBD MLM, Kannaway? No, I don’t think we are surprised at all!

So, let’s get started where it all begins–at the ImmunAG “laboratory”. Apparently, what they claim is their “ImmunAG Centrifuge”, allegedly where all the magic happens to produce this “CBD from hops”, is not actually a photo from their laboratory. A reverse image search on the equipment they claim is a centrifuge and posted on their website as an image from their own laboratory is not what they say it is. This is actually an image of a Russian microscope from a Russian university–and according to shutterstock, where the image originates, this image is only for editorial use, presumably if one were writing an article about Russian microscopes, and not for commercial use. In what universe are centrifuges also microscopes?

Moving right along to the flowery praise for this new CBD-from-hops innovation from the Denver Westword with photographs provided by the public relations agency, CMW Media, to represent not only the new Kannaway MLM CBD-from-hops product, but also the hops plant they claim is producing CBD. But a reverse image search reveals that the plant they claim is kriya humulus is actually Ostrya japonica, a tree, not related or in the Cannabaceae family and NOT humulus hops, but it’s also another stock photo.

And back at the ImmunAG “laboratory” we find another lab photo, named “ImmunAG Production” allegedly to represent their laboratory operations. In fact, every photo of the laboratory operations on the ImmunAG website ends up reversing to a stock photo of something else.

In my opinion, the CBD marketplace, and especially the CBD MLM marketplace is not a safe place for people with serious illness. I speak now as a patient with deadly anaphylaxis and multiple autoimmune disease. If the product and production that is being promoted to the media isn’t what they say it is, how can you be sure that you or a loved one with a severe illness will be safe using these so-called CBD from hops products? Please obtain your CBD from legal states or from the farmers of cannabis directly–products that come with verifiable lab results and from real cannabis farmers in the United States.