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CBD Spa is Great–But why don’t we hear much about cannabinoid-rich (THC+) cannabis spa these days?

The truth is more pedestrian than one might think. The sole focus on CBD spa formulation these days has more to do with legal restrictions and stigma than it has to do with superior spa formulation which includes all cannabinoids. We should never forget that the ancient history of cannabis topicals was never about CBD as all of the ancient texts, from the Vedic to Von Bingen all described a topical application of cannabis which was known for psychoactive effects. Even the simple corn plaster infused with cannabis in the early 20th century before cannabis and hemp were legally restricted contained THC.

cannabis spa cbd spa
You won’t be offered a choice like this in any commercial spa or retailer offering mainstream cannabis products. Choices like this are only available in legal states with licensed dispensaries and/or in states where you can grow your own.

And that, my dear readers, is the truth about why you’ll be hearing so much about CBD spa in the press and social media. It’s about two things: First, the legal aspects and second, the stigma that still exists around full-spectrum, cannabinoid-rich cannabis. But, the cannabis plant, which has so much variation in the way it can express itself, is so much more than just stripped down CBD isolate–which is the product you will find in most CBD spas and CBD spa products sold at the retail level so that a 100% THC-free experience can be guaranteed in order to meet legal requirements and dissuade product stigma. Not because the CBD spa 100% THC-free product or experience is better, or has any historical precedence–so keep this in mind when you consider whether or not to spend money on these products or spa experiences.

At this time, depending on the location you live in and the legal status of cannabis and hemp, your selection of cannabis spa experiences and products may very well be limited to only CBD spa–and a strict 100% THC-free interpretation of CBD spa. There are many spa providers and massage therapists in legal cannabis states who would love to serve their clientele with full-spectrum cannabis products, but cannot do so without the burden of hundreds of thousands of dollars for legal dispensary licensing required in most states where cannabis has legal status. This is an unfortunate situation–but it still leaves open the possibility that you as a consumer of cannabis spa, can make your own salves, baths, and massage oils at home in the traditional styles of the classical masters of cannabis spa!

While I embrace CBD spa as progress–what I really embrace is CBD-rich cannabis as progress–and that progress does include a small amount of THC along with all of the other cannabinoids and terpenes whole plant cannabis has to offer us. But, for you, your preferences are king and I honor those! It is my hope that we do not lose sight of rich history of classical cannabis topicals formulation in favor of stripped-down isolated CBD touted as something better or revolutionary.

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