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Classical Spa: A Journey Into Wellbeing

classical-spa Mineral water spa and hydrotherapy cures were used for thousands of years prior to the advent of modern medicine. Many of these were quite effective according to the classical literature left behind by those that practiced and benefited from using water as a medicine.

But today, spa seems to have a much different meaning than it did even 100 years ago. The spa of today is often associated with elite pleasure and not a center of healing and pain relief. Case-in-point are the “day spas” which are a fusion of beauty salons with spa practices. In light of the traditional practice of spa, it’s ironic that you would go to a spa to receive toxic chemical treatments to your hair and nails. But that doesn’t mean that traditional spa is never about beauty, in fact the traditional hamams of the Middle East were and still are a place for receiving healthy beauty treatments such as intensive skin scrubs and the application of clays as well as henna decorations.

Water is a powerful medicine. Modern physicians often recommend swimming and other water activities as a way for the sick to exercise comfortably and receive pain management benefits. If you have a tub and a well-stocked kitchen you too can re-create a traditional spa at home with water, herbs, clays and salts. Let your imagination guide you as you create baths, masks and spa waters that are your very own!

Your classical spa day at home can include beauty as well. There are some great alternatives to modern chemical hair dyes and manicures like powdered herbs and flowers that impart color like henna, chamomile and walnut. Henna and indigo can both be applied to the skin and nails for decoration that is 100% non-toxic unlike manicure products. I love potent herbal bath waters that I can soak in for an hour or more. The skin benefits of this kind of bath treatment are so outstanding that I don’t think there is a product or other treatment out there that can beat it. Water is always the first step to feeling good inside and out!

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