Coconut Milk Bhang: Get Cannabis-Creative with Your Mota Pot!

So, a few weeks back Carolyn at the Mota Pot company sent me one of their little cannabis-extraction pots to try out. I must say these are cute little pots, and they’d probably make a nice gift for someone you know in the legal cannabis states!

If you don’t know what the Mota Pot is, well it’s like an Italian Moka pot, but smaller, and was created to make cannabis butter for whatever culinary use you have in mind. They also sell brownie and cookie mixes to go with the pot–these are not for people with food allergies or sensitivities, though. But, for people with normal immune system functioning they look really delicious!

I used my Mota Pot to make a couple of beverage recipes for the sensitivity community that I thought were really great, because this little pot gets it ready fast and does a great job at making it taste good.  Both recipes are free of all 8 major allergens. Coconut is not a tree nut, but if you are sensitive to this you can also use hemp seed milk–and that is quite good too.

I used my Mota Pot to make two kinds of Coconut Milk Bhang–one with wild blackberries (an ingredient I use extensively in my new book, High Tea) and one with fresh ginger slices.  I made two, three ounce cups of very rich, creamy and sweet Bhang that my guest and I really loved and it was so easy. I think this is a great way to infuse a beverage like Bhang, but you will want to decarb your cannabis material first for the best results. A little time in the oven, 30 minutes or more at 300 degrees while macerated in a teaspoon of coconut oil should work just fine. I used a small amount of cold water cannabis hash (enough for two people) in a small 3 inch dish with a teaspoon of coconut oil, and then took that out of the oven, mixed in a little coconut milk to get it all out of the pan, and poured it into the coconut milk in the reservoir of the Mota Pot. If you are using ground flower, you’ll want to do the same except that you will pour that little bit into the brewing basket with your other fruits or spices instead of the reservoir.

To make the Blackberry or Ginger Coconut Milk Bhang:

Fill the Mota Pot basket with with fresh blackberries or ginger that have been pressed a bit to being to release their juices, along with a thumb sized piece of scraped vanilla bean or a teaspoon of vanilla extract. You’ll want to pack this loosely so that the coconut milk from the reservoir will travel through the basket easily. I also add whatever sweetener I prefer to the basket with the fruit or spice like honey, or brown cane sugar. Xylitol is great too!

Make your coconut or hemp seed milk very thick and creamy and add it to the reservoir of the Mota Pot.

Add the decarbed cannabis flower to the basket or add whatever cannabis concentrate you are using to the milk in the reservoir.

Put the pot on your stove on medium heat and let it do the magic! Within about 5 minutes it will fill the pitcher at the top and then you can pour into one or two individual dessert beverage cups and garnish.


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