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Five Reasons Cannabis is Better Than Pharma Analgesics For Chronic Pain


1. Cannabis is far less toxic than pharmaceutical drugs like opiates and NSAIDs. This is a very good reason to use cannabis for your chronic pain if it works for you!

Deaths from NSAIDS, deaths from opiate pharmas, deaths from tylenol. Either the cannabis industry is doing a better job of hiding all of the dead bodies than even the mafia could do–or there just aren’t any dead bodies.

2. It’s a good idea for your body to remain as opiate naive as possible–and cannabis can help chronic pain patients do just that if they find it to be effective enough for their pain issues.

This is very big on my list of the best things about cannabis for chronic pain. All of the best doctors I have met in my illustrious career as an autoimmune patient have told me that the longer you can stay opiate naive, the better effect the opiate drugs will have for you during very critical suffering and pain like hospice, surgery, accidents and acute illness.

Taking opiate drugs daily raises your tolerance and that line between tolerance and overdose is very thin. Proper opiate dosing requires LOTS of nannying by a doctor. That nannying is personally enough for me to not go down this path because:

3. I do what I want. This is not disease diagnosis and treatment. This is pain management. And I’m an adult.

Pharmacies and doctors offices are often grim places for the patient when it comes to chronic pain management. They’re boring. They’re bossy. They’re absolutely in charge and have 100% control over you and what pain relief you are allowed to have. The chairs are uncomfortable and cause more pain while you are waiting around to be told what to do. It’s true!

Cannabis is my choice for the day-to-day management of chronic pain that comes with have multiple autoimmune diseases. Cannabis, and specifically, the practice of cannabis and spa together. It works for me. If it works for you too, then YAY!

4. It’s an empowering, positive, and joyful experience to manage your pain at home, on your own terms, with gentle and effective herbs like cannabis.

Doctors, when was the last time you heard a patient with intractable or chronic pain patient talk about what an enjoyable experience it is to manage their pain? As a patient advocate, and a chronic pain patient myself, I hear this everyday from fellow patients who are also legal cannabis patients in their state.

Why it matters: Simply put, the more positive, empowering and joyful managing pain is, the better quality relief a patient will have.

This is why mineral spas have been renowned for centuries for their pain relieving effects–apart from the obvious heat and water chemistry that is beneficial for conditions like joint pain–it’s an absolute joy, an empowering, positive, soothing experience that you will never get standing in line at the pharmacy waiting for your Vicodins.

5. Cannabis is an effective and safe herbal that has been used across a number of cultures and folk medicine analgesia practices for centuries. Cannabis was also part of the western pharmacopoeia until the early 20th century–the beginning of the drug war.

Which brings us back to reason #1–where are all of the dead and injured bodies from cannabis hiding for all of these thousands of years?

If you like your pharma pain pills, you can keep your pharma pain pills–you are, after all, an adult too. But, for me, I will choose the cannabis herb for all of these reasons and more.

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