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Getting The Most Out of Cannabis Strains for Chronic Pain

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chronic pain marijuana

Chronic pain management is the number one reason that people obtain their medical marijuana cards in states where this is legal like California. If your doctor has written your cannabis card or recommendation for you, you are now free to walk into any dispensary and select the pain management that works best for you. Today I am going to explain some of the issues around that and the options available for patients like us who have chronic illnesses like autoimmune disease and arthritis in terms of symptom and pain management with cannabis.

If you’ve had trouble dealing with your chronic pain after following cannabis strain recommendations from people that don’t actually deal with chronic illness–you need to hear my perspective on this and try again before you give up and go back to the opioids.

Let’s talk pain AND fatigue.

You know as well as I do that these two things come together for the ride in chronic illness like autoimmune disease and arthritis. It’s not like a broken leg where you get to have the pain and immobility–but other than that you feel pretty chipper! Oh no. No, chronic pain and illness comes with a deathly fatigue–yes you feel like the walking dead. This is not the normal “I’m tired” stuff after mowing the lawn, it’s a to-the-core-of-your-being fatigue. And it greatly enhances the pain you feel. It drives those pain levels through the roof! The more fatigue you have, the more pain you have…and on and on…they just feed off of each other.

Now, add some dank couchlock Indica on top of that. The typical stuff pulled out of the case at any dispensary and given to the patient complaining of chronic pain–high in THC, little or no CBD. I’ll give you this much: If I am on the edge of falling asleep anyhow Indicas can be quite good. However, for the day to day management of the chronic pain fatigue dance that is a fixture in the lives of those of us with chronic illness, Indica during waking hours will increase the fatigue that drives the pain.

So, if you’ve been chasing pain relief with Indica strains during the day and you aren’t getting any relief stop using them and listening to people telling you to do this!

How to use marijuana for chronic pain. Let’s reformulate now!

There are three cannabinoids that I have found to be very effective in managing the whole chronic-pain-fatigue circus, and those are THC, CBD, and CBG. The typical strains that you will find the perfect combination of these are Sativa landraces or landrace hybrids originating mostly from Africa and Thailand. Strains like high CBD Harlequin (as shown on here), Durban Poison, Chocolate Thai, high limonene strains like Tangie are great too. Even an Indica like GS Cookies with just enough Durban Poison genetics to keep it from increasing fatigue can be a good choice.

My second piece of advice is to add a cannabis topical if you aren’t already using one–one that you have made at home is ideal so that you can customize every ingredient. These work well day and night to enhance the relief you get from vaping or edible cannabis.

And this is the miracle of the cannabis herb–the array of strains available which can be customized just for you! Cannabis is a multifaceted herbal in today’s world that is very different from the weed you may have smoked in college!

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