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Golden Goat: A Perky Strain for the Fall Season

Golden Goat is quite possibly one of the best cannabis sativa strains I’ve ever had; and I’m not a fan of Skunks (sorry!), which is part of the genetic makeup of this strain. The other interesting fact about this strain is that Golden Goat was not an intentional creation, but more of a “happy accident.”

And happy it is. It’s so damn perky it’s the perfect strain for the chilly seasons that make us want to hibernate. Seasonal Affective Disorder? Stock up on Golden Goat for fall and winter!


Apart from real Chocolate Thai, my favorite strain of all-time, I don’t think I’ve encountered such a euphoric strain. Golden Goat is a sativa that soars without a hint of anxiety. This is impressive because other more common sativas like Trainwreck and NYC Diesel can pack an edge. Love to soar, but I don’t like sharp edges. If you’ve previously sworn off high THC sativa strains because of anxiety, I think you’ll like Golden Goat.

Flavor and Fragrance

I’ve seen Golden Goat described elsewhere as fruity and floral, but that’s not the fragrance profile I got at all while sampling this strain. There was a strong “green diesel” note that I could not get away from, followed by fruity undertones. When I think of strong floral profiles in cannabis, I think of Harlequin for example, which has a fruit and floral profile that dominates.

Visually, the strain reminded me of African strains like Red Congo due to its pinkish/orange hair–its a beautiful flower!

Vape and The Beast E-Joint

vaporin I sampled Golden Goat in both my regular forced-air vape and this interesting e-joint pen sent to me for review by Vaporin called “The Beast.”

To fully experience and understand the flavor profile of any strain of cannabis, one must use a high quality forced-air vaporizer. This is a true aromatherapy technique and the only way to really experience all of the natural essential oils that the cannabis flower has to offer.

That being said there are some advantages an e-joint like The Beast offers, namely portability and ease of use. The Beast produces a very light smoke using a tiny hotplate on the interior. The thing I like the best about The Beast is the “clickable” retraction like a ballpoint pen that allows for quick cleaning of the charred herbal matter.

The one place I really enjoy smoking a joint is at the beach, and The Beast is very satisfying in that regard with a long-lasting battery that has three temperature modes. This unit is easy to use and easy to clean.

*Vaporin does not endorse the use of cannabis with their products. Please consult your doctor for medical advice and diagnosis.

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