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Gong Fu Your High Tea: Luscious Terpene-Infused Cannabis Tea-Time

Marijuana Tea Gong Fu

No doubt you’ve heard a lot of things about cannabis terpenes and how terpenes (the essential fragrance oils in cannabis and other herbs) can enhance and even customize your cannabis experience. But did you know that terpenes are also an essential component for your experience with tea? In the coming days and weeks I am going to be discussing more about this, and how this important aspect of both tea and cannabis can be experienced to the fullest (hint: you won’t find this in bagged tea and the Western tea preparation method!).

Today I am going to start you on the path to experiencing tea the way it was meant to be with the ancient Gong Fu preparation method. Far from being a ceremony only for the most formal gatherings–Gong Fu is really a very down to earth and essential everyday way to enjoy tea. So throw away those tea bags because you are about to experience a flavor and euphoria that will light the fires of your heart, I promise!

In my new book, High Tea, the Gong Fu method of whole leaf tea preparation is combined with cannabis in a step-by-step fashion to create a fantastic array of flavor with a gentle breeze of euphoria.

Here’s what Don Mei, of MeiLeaf Tea one of the top tea sommeliers and tea merchants in the UK has had to say about my new book, High Tea:

“The link between tea drinking and the use of Cannabis has a history as long as tea itself. Tea and Cannabis were first cultivated by the mountain tribes in China well over 4000 years ago and their natural synergy has been rediscovered by generations ever since. In this book Sandra does not pay lip service to the pairing of Cannabis and tea but dives deep, with impressive expertise, into the concepts of Gong Fu Tea and terpene entourage in order to maximize the sensorial enjoyment of her recipes. An inspiring resource for anyone wishing to elevate their tea sessions!”―Don Mei, Director of Mei Leaf Tea

And check out Don’s video today when you get a chance! He has a lot to say about the terpene experience of tea as well as cannabis, and explains some of the finer points of enjoying a very special and rare Bai Hao oolong. I hope you are ready to dive in deep because there is a lot more on the way!

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