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Legal Everywhere! Plantain-infused Hemp Salve: Healing Herbs From Your Backyard

I get a lot of email from people who are not in legal cannabis states.

Typically, this email will go something like this:

“Love your book and recipes but I am not in a state where cannabis is legal yet. I would love to make these recipes, but the only access I have to cannabis of any kind is ordering CBD oil online or through my Kannaway MLM. Can I use these hemp CBD oils to make your recipes?”

I can’t advise you or give you any information good or bad about any product that claims to contain CBD and is not sold in legal licensed marijuana dispensaries. The FDA found many so-called hemp CBD oils were not what they claimed to be. This isn’t surprising because supplement products are not regulated or tested for potency by the FDA the way a state regulates the same through the framework of state-legal cannabis commerce conducted through dispensaries and licensed farmers.

So how can you, a resident of a prohibition state, participate right now and receive the benefits of cannabis?

There is a legal and inexpensive way to obtain oil produced by hemp in any prohibition state. It’s called your natural foods store. Like Whole Foods. or any natural food retailer, including Walmart stores that have natural foods aisles. All of these stores carry, usually in the refrigerated section, hemp seed oil. This will run you anywhere from $10 – $20 depending on the size of the bottle you purchase. This is a culinary grade oil and should not be heated above 250 F or so. It makes great salad dressings. It can also make some pretty kick-ass topical products.

Plantain Hemp Salve — My personal ‘sink salve” formula

plantain hemp salve

Just a great all-around, multi-purpose salve for your skin. I keep this hemp salve by my sink and use it to make my hands soft and to calm dry and cracked skin, and for healing of little scratches and roughness that ultimately comes with kitchen and garden work. This salve starts with a powerful herb you can find in your sidewalk cracks outside. Plantain is not a weed, it’s a powerful skin-soothing medicinal herb–and if your plantain is clean and not sprayed with herbicides you can pull up those leaves and make my plantain hemp salve.

There are two kinds of plantain, broad leaf or slender leaf. I like either one for making hemp seed oil salves and often combine the two. You will want to use plantain leaves when they are fresh for the best results. Pick the leaves and let them wilt overnight on a paper towel. You’ll need roughly a big handful of leaves to make about 8 ounces of my plantain sink salve.

Here are the rest of the ingredients:

1/3 cup of culinary hemp seed oil
1/3 cup of olive oil
The fresh wilted plantain leaves, finely chopped or processed with the oils in a blender
10 drops of rosemary essential oil
3 drops of tea tree oil (feel free to omit either or both essential oils if you would like a fragrance-free product. For best results use bayberry wax as described below.)
1/3 to 1/2 cup of melted beeswax or vegan wax equivalent–I prefer authentic bayberry wax over beeswax or other vegan waxes. Use more wax to make the salve more solid at room temperature. Use less wax if you keep this refrigerated which is a very refreshing way to use the salve–straight from the refrigerator.


1. Allow the plantain leaves to wilt and begin to dry for a day or two before coarsely shredding to use in this recipe.

2. Place the olive oil, hemp seed oil, and plantain in a double boiler or other gentle warmer and warm the plantain in the oil very gently (under 200 F) for one hour. Allow this to cool on the counter for another hour and strain the leaf material using a very fine cheesecloth to make sure all plant material is completely strained from the oil which should now be a very rich color from the plantain leaves.

3. Warm the wax until it melts and to the strained oil. Stir in the essential oils of rosemary and tea tree. Transfer to a glass jar to harden. Leave this on the counter until cool and almost hard and then transfer to the refrigerator to solidify the salve completely before using the first time.

And that’s it! You can keep it on your kitchen counter by your sink like I do. It smells wonderful and your busy hands will thank you for the healing and softness the hemp seed oil provides.

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