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CBD For You: Two Simple Rules to Guide Your Journey!

CBD is a hot herbal supplement these days and with so many products to choose from, how do you select legitimate and quality products and services utilizing this novel cannabinoid from the cannabis plant? CBD otherwise known as Cannabidiol is one of the most talked-about and most sought-after herbal remedies […]

CBD MLM: The CBD-From-Hops Deception

If you are an avid reader of most of the large cannabis media concerns, no doubt you have been following the exciting news about CBD derived from hops, and the press releases about the patent filing as well as this new product which has promised to be a disruptive element […]

Why Hydrology 9 is Going to Set Your Holiday Season Ablaze!

Thanks to the Cloudious company for providing a unit for review in this article. It’s not often that I get this excited about a new cannabis vaporization device–but when it comes to the Hydrology 9, well there’s so much that is so special about it that it makes me want […]

PUFFCO+ — The Author’s Pen

So, a few weeks ago the fabulous people at the Puffco vape pen company asked me to try their new dabbing vape pen, the PUFFCO+, and sent me one to try out. I have to say this was really wonderful because as many of you know I am currently finishing […]

Adventures in Wildcrafting with the Summit+ Vape!

Many of you know that I am a avid wildcrafter. I am particularly fond of wildcrafting invasive plants, not only for the wonderful medicine, food, and pleasure they have to offer, but also because wildcrafting invasives is a great contribution to the environment as a whole. Invasive plants have a […]