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Why Hydrology 9 is Going to Set Your Holiday Season Ablaze!

Thanks to the Cloudious company for providing a unit for review in this article. It’s not often that I get this excited about a new cannabis vaporization device–but when it comes to the Hydrology 9, well there’s so much that is so special about it that it makes me want […]

PUFFCO+ — The Author’s Pen

So, a few weeks ago the fabulous people at the Puffco vape pen company asked me to try their new dabbing vape pen, the PUFFCO+, and sent me one to try out. I have to say this was really wonderful because as many of you know I am currently finishing […]

Adventures in Wildcrafting with the Summit+ Vape!

Many of you know that I am a avid wildcrafter. I am particularly fond of wildcrafting invasive plants, not only for the wonderful medicine, food, and pleasure they have to offer, but also because wildcrafting invasives is a great contribution to the environment as a whole. Invasive plants have a […]