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Spring Citrus Blossom Living Water Cannabis Clay Mask


Today I wanted to talk about a technique for making cannabis spa preparations, like clay masks and lotions that I like to call the living water technique. This is a fresh whole plant technique that is just like raw juicing and raw food preparation that you are probably already familiar with. All of my cannabis spa recipes are raw, paleo or both and appropriate for allergies and sensitivities.

Living water is fresh, alive and raw. Spa products made with this are the most soothing and luxurious ever but they do need to be used even more quickly than recipes that have dried or otherwise less perishable ingredients. Make a small batch recipe like I do here and use it within 1 – 2 days.


Making living water requires simple equipment that you probably have in your kitchen right now – a blender and a fine mesh strainer. This living water recipe uses fresh citrus flowers and leaves and fresh aloe vera. You can use any other fresh herbs you would like to use along with aloe vera. Since this is a spring recipe, and here in California the citrus trees are blooming, I’ve chosen citrus flowers and leaves to make a living water that embraces that freshness of spring around here!

Living Water – Spring Citrus Blossom

1/2 cup of fresh citrus flowers (loosely packed)

1 cup of fresh citrus leaves (loosely packed)

1 medium sized aloe vera leaf, whole

1 cup of spring water or distilled water

Blend everything in the blender until finely chopped, but not smooth! Using a fine mesh strainer over a bowl or cup, pour the mixture into the strainer. You will now have a lovely emerald green liquid to use with either the cannabis clay mask recipe here -OR- to make a living water cannabis lotion. (Pssst… the living water cannabis lotion recipe is exclusively for my mailing list members, so to get that recipe, join my mailing list now:)

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