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So Many Wonderful Things–Humboldt Edition


This harvest season, I’ve really been in awe at some of the wonderful things happening in Humboldt. In case you didn’t know, Humboldt County is a notable cannabis growing region in California, and has a vibrant and rustic grow culture based in artisan values. This week Wonderland Nursery has started to offer high CBD cannabis plants–a breathtaking selection of craft CBD strains–5 free plants per patient.

Photo Credit – The Ganjier


I’ve tried Cannatonic and AC/DC and loved them both–with Cannatonic being a bit more drowsy than AC/DC. I’ve also used AC/DC as a mix-in strain for a cannabis salve recipe and thought it was great. Would love to try my hand at making a lotion or bath with a 30:1 CBD strain like The Remedy! Wonderland Nursery has all of the compassion you need if you are in dire need of high CBD strains and can’t afford the high prices at the dispensaries for this low-supply, high-demand plant product.


A few weeks back, I wrote another article about a small artisan cannabis event, The Golden Tarp Awards. The event features the best cannabis flowers grown using light deprivation techniques. This event also tests each entry for toxins and allergens like mold, making it one of the few cannabis competitions that are allergy patient-friendly. Allison from The Ganjier sent us some photos of The Golden Tarp Awards themed Alice in Wonderland for their very first awards event!


Photo Credits: The Ganjier


And the winner of the 1st Annual Golden Tarp Awards – OG Deez !!!


Photo Credits left to right: Photo of Kevin Jodrey founder of The Ganjier by Jose Quezada – OG Deez Winner of 2014 Golden Tarp Award. Photo by Emily Hobelmann.

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