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Marijuana Topical Products: Why DIY Makes Sense!


I’m sure we can all agree on how fantastic it is that so many states have some form of legal cannabis these days. If you are lucky enough to live in a state where there is a vast array of products to choose from because the law allows for that, then you’ve probably already tried lotions, balms, edibles and other goodies from your local dispensary. If you live in a state or location where only the flower or trim is legal, you’ve probably been making these products at home all along or you want to learn how!

I live in California and have access to many products and new ones are being launched all the time. I love to try them all, but I always come back to preparing my own most of the time just because I can always get the results I want, and the scents and textures I love.

Another issue is that for many medical cannabis patients allergies and sensitivities are of utmost concern. And the truth is, as those of us with these conditions know, surveying every ingredient for contamination of mold, toxins and other irritants is most accurate when you are making your own preparations, sourcing and inspecting all of the ingredients yourself.

I remember when I was first diagnosed at the doctor’s office for an array of allergies that would require me to carry EpiPens like a ball and chain for the rest of my life. One of my first questions was: Um… so what CAN I eat now? Her answer was simple: Freshly prepared food that you have complete control over. I took this to heart because I never want to have to use those pens, and I never want to rush to the ER again for anaphylaxis!

When I started applying this principle to the spa and beauty products that I was putting on my body and washing my hair with, I started seeing some very positive changes in my skin as well. Not all allergies will cause anaphylaxis–but plenty can make irritating little rashes and bumps. None of this is very healthy, so I set out on an adventure to start treating the outside of my body the way the doctor wanted me to treat the inside, with freshly prepared ingredients that I have complete control over. I’m never going back.

Don’t think that because you can’t buy cannabis topicals in your location that you are missing out – because you can get started making awesome pain and irritation relieving external cannabis preparations at home with the forms of cannabis your local laws allow! And better yet, you can make these with exactly the right ingredients for you.