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Meditative and Spiritual Cannabis: Flower Essence for a More Uplifting Glass Service

One overlooked area of the total cannabis spa experience beyond the lotions, potions, and vaporizing flower or the essential oils thereof, is the preparation of glass before enjoying the cannabis experience. I talk a little bit about glass service in chapter five of my book, The Cannabis Spa at Home, and the recipes you can use for making a delicious water blend for your glass whether you are vaporizing flower or essential oils. I also briefly discuss a way to make flower essences rich in fragrance for glass.

But today, I want to talk about flower essences in their more traditional sense. Depending on which philosophy you follow you may think of flower essences as akin to homeopathy due to their dilutions. I do not subscribe to homeopathy–but I do think that the flower essence is an lovely tool for meditative focus during glass service if you have made the essences yourself and connected with those flowers during the process of making the essence!

Flower essence in the traditional sense contain none of the fragrance or other physical properties of the flower–just the energetic or spiritual medicine of the flower. The preparation is always the same–many fresh flowers suspended in a bowl of rainwater or spring water in the direct sunlight for several hours. This is called a mother tincture–and you can do small bowls of this too because when you prepare your glass for service you will only be adding a drop or two of this traditional flower essence to the rest of your water which may include fruits or floral hydrosols like rosewater.

Recently, I had a great opportunity to try out my own flower essences using Dr. Dabber’s Boost ERig, which is an electric essential oil nail with glass attached to it. (Thanks to the nice peeps at Boost who sent me this unit to try out and review for you!) In the set-up depicted here I have added one drop of marigold flower essence to water flavored with mixed citrus peels and pine needles for an awakened mind and intensive study focus.

spiritual cannabis flower essence

Electric glass service products, in particular this nice Boost electric glass service,, will help you get the most out of any water blend you try with it–plus it’s easy to clean too with just a little dish washing liquid so you’ll always have clean and sparkling glass to try out all of your flower essences with any water blend you choose. Just fill the glass about half-way as you see here, turn it on, and begin your vapor session.

Foraging and gardening is an important part essence making…

Foraging or wildcrafting is a featured topic in my new book, High Tea, coming later this year. There is so much to discuss around this topic–but for the purposes of creating your very own energetic flower essence for a meditative and more spiritual glass service I’m going to present this in context of just that.

Wildcrafting or growing flowers for flower essence is less burdensome in terms of rules and caution, unlike wildcrafting for herbs and wild foods. It will give you the chance to really connect with plants in a meditative way and select flowers that are soulmates for you. There are no rules on what to gather or grow (unless it is highly toxic like poison ivy or hemlock) and flowers that you would normally not use for consumption, but feel a connection with upon meeting them, may be gathered and made into a flower essence that captures the essence and the moment for you.

As it is the season that we begin to plan our spring gardens, now is the time to select some flowers for planting that you would like to use just for making your own flower essences!

A few flowers floated in a bowl containing 1/2 cup – 1 cup of rainwater or distilled water in the direct sunlight for several hours will give you a perfect flower essence. Take 1 tablespoon of that cup and bottle it with 1/4 cup of Everclear or another clear, neutral spirit. I like to label my flower essence bottles with the flower or dried petals of the flower I have just made into an essence and then place them in my spa area or meditative spot. Sprinkle the leftover water around your home, room, office, or spa area to lift the vibrations.

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