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Mom’s Salve: A Fresh and Warming Ginger Cannabis Salve For Deep Pain


Today’s recipe is for my friend’s mom who has RA/inflammatory arthritis like I do. Her mom has this inflammation in her shoulder joints which is probably one of the most difficult places to medicate with cannabis topicals, or any topical pain relief!

I know that when my doctor prescribed Voltaren gel, a topical prescription anti-inflammatory gel for joint pain it did absolutely nothing for my hips, which are as difficult as the shoulders in terms of topical penetration. The doctor actually warned me about this, that Voltaren would likely do absolutely nothing for my hips.

Ginger is a go-to in terms of preparing a cannabis salve recipe that will have more penetrating effects in those difficult joint areas like hips and shoulders. This recipe is prepared with a whole pound of fresh, sliced ginger! The final salve has a pleasant and not overwhelming fragrance, so I like to use this during the day or in the morning when I wake up, especially.


marijuana salve


1 pound of fresh, sliced ginger root

Peels from one lemon

2 grams of cannabis flowers or 1/8 oz shake or budlets (or more)

3/4 cup of olive oil

3 cups of water


1. Put everything into a lidded pan and simmer on low for 90 minutes. Remove from heat and allow to cool.

2. Strain the liquid from the plant material and set aside plant material to use as a direct wrap for intensive healing.* After the oil and water have separated, siphon the oil off with a turkey baster or syringe and transfer to a salve container.

3. Place the container in the freezer and allow this to harden before use. Keep in the refrigerator for a softer ointment if you prefer.

*Use the leftover plant material to create a hot wrap for aching joints! It’s easy! Place the plant material on a clean cloth. Boil some water and then pour just enough of the boiling water over the plant material on the cloth or towel to moisten and warm it. Place directly on shoulder, hip, or knee joints and cover with a warm towel. Allow this to remain for as long as necessary.

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