Waste Not, Want Not: How to Use Leftover Cannabutter Herb

Cooking is fun, especially when I have a crockpot full of cannabutter on low heat for hours, scenting the house with promises of pain relief and relaxation to come. The not-so-fun part is dealing with the leftover plant matter and the butter that sticks to the sides of the crockpot […]

Really Green Beauty : Apothecanna

The next time someone asks you if your skincare products are green, and you live in the state of Colorado, you’ll be able to show them how really, really green skincare can be! We mean really green. So green in fact, that anywhere else it might just be illegal! What […]

Shiva’s Milk : Healing Bhang

If you are from India you probably know the festival of Holi and the beverage of bhang. Maybe you’ve purchased bhang at a shop like the one pictured here. It’s possible that your family has a recipe for this that has been passed down through generations. Did you know that […]