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Another Lovely Canna-Aromatherapy Collection

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We love a fragrant collection of canna-aromatherapy resins and oils – and we think this one really delivers in that regards.

Top Clockwise:

Durban Honey High CBD (11%) – Distinct floral spice but also a little butter. It’s relaxing, euphoric, pain and spasm relieving. Ok for daytime; but try to pair it up with a latte or tea.

Grapefruit Wax – Intense grapefruit flavor and smell. Like those ruby red Texas ones. A heady daytime sativa. Serve this in clean glass with fresh water to get the most intense grapefruit experience.

Trainwreck Shatter High(er) CBD (5%)– Piney and sweet. Our favorite daytime sativa here. The CBD content paired with the energy of the Trainwreck strain (Thai lineage) makes this the perfect pain fighter during or after exercise. This is a true workout strain!

Grand Daddy Purple Wax– Pretty almost lavender colored wax. Purple and floral flavors that dissipate quickly, unlike the intense lingering aroma of the grapefruit strain wax. Nice and good for night-night. Indica.

CENTER High CBD OIL 28% CBD 18% THC– Black, sticky, chewy. Tastes like beeswax and licorice. Yes you can dab this using your aromatherapy bell skillet or nail. The most fascinating cannabis medicinal oil we have ever tried. -Ed A totally different experience than any other High CBD product we have tried, probably because it has so much CBD. It’s got just enough THC to create this synergy with the CBD that totally enhances the intense, and we do mean INTENSE, body high that instantaneously relieves pain and inflammation. It’s like floating in amniotic fluid or on a heavenly cloud while being completely clear headed and definitely NOT “stoned.” You can get it at Harborside, along with other high CBD offerings they now stock.

*This is not intended to replace the advice of your doctor. Legal and medicinal cannabis states ONLY.

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