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PMS, Menses, Menopause and Cannabis

marijuana pms pmd

100+ years ago, it wasn’t as hard as it is now to feel better when that ugly PMS monster hits! You’d think with all of our modern medical advances the doctors would have something better to offer us than birth control pills and ibuprofen.

Cannabis was used very liberally by the medical community 100+ years ago for women’s health issues. Prohibition changed that. “Reefer Madness” was the end of real relief for many women. To read the medical books and journals of a century ago on the topic of women’s health issues, one could draw the conclusion that most if not all medical professionals of that period would have been aghast at the notion that 100 years later they would have been arrested and jailed for many years for prescribing this medicine to their female patients.

We hope you enjoy these scans of medical journals and texts from a century ago that describe the benefits of cannabis medicine for women. Why is medicine that has so much evidence historically and in modern times being denied to most women today?

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