PUFFCO+ — The Author’s Pen


So, a few weeks ago the fabulous people at the Puffco vape pen company asked me to try their new dabbing vape pen, the PUFFCO+, and sent me one to try out. I have to say this was really wonderful because as many of you know I am currently finishing the manuscript for my second book coming in the fall of 2017, High Tea.

Now, if you are a fellow author you’ll know all about the pressure to polish a perfect manuscript–and if you write recipes, you know everything there is to know about laboring in the kitchen for hours each day to ensure your recipes are perfection! And just about a year before you go to press–this is when you are working your fingers to the bone! The truth is, fellow scribes, you need a good pen. Scratch that. You need a GREAT PEN–and I’m not talking about ink (although, you’ll need one of those too), I’m talking about a vape pen that will give you fast relief from the crunch!

It’s been an absolute joy using the PUFFCO+ while working on my new book these past few weeks. And there are so many things I like about this pen and the company that makes it! First of all Puffco has fantastic customer service who addressed a problem I had with the chambers right off the bat, and the pen performs just great now. Puffco really stands behind this product, and that is very cool because it’s probably the most convenient, the most clean, and the longest battery life in a small, lightweight vape pen that I have experienced.

vape pen

Simple construction means just that. This pen is so simple to clean and charge! The entire interior of the pen is ceramic and it comes with a little ceramic dab tool inside of the mouthpiece as you see here that also doubles to prevent oil or waxes from leaking or backwashing into the mouthpiece. And do you want flavor from your oils and waxes? I thought the PUFFCO+ delivered great flavor and temperature for being such a small and lightweight vape pen. It’s also as portable as it sounds. Perfect for when you are at your desk composing your next bestseller or on the road for a location shoot. The pen even has a ‘sesh’ mode that allows you to pass it like you would a joint–which is really great for taking a break with a friend and watching a movie.

You don’t have to be an author to love this pen, but if you are, you are going to love this pen too! $99 at Puffco.