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Fresh Asian Mango Hemp Rolls

Hemp seed has always been a staple in our kitchen, not only because it’s from my favorite plant but because it is so versatile. If you thought that smoothies were […]

The Myth of “Stronger Pot”

We have a saying around here and it goes something like this: If you think that cannabis is more “powerful” today, ie; as defined by levels of THC, than the […]

High CBD Orange Blossom Cannabis Tea Bhang

It’s citrus blossom season in California and that always means that you have access to the most delicate and heavenly-scented culinary flowers of all–the citrus blossom. Dried citrus blossom or […]

Chai and Thai! Chai Masala Blend Recipe

If you are a regular here at my site, we’ll venture a guess that you’ve had Thai — chocolate thai, lemon thai, pineapple thai, being the most popular thai strains […]