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Warmth for the Season: Cannabis-Infused Golden Milk

As the days get shorter and chillier there are many delicious go-to seasonal beverages–but one of my new favorites is something called Golden Milk. Golden Milk is a traditional Ayurvedic and Indian hot beverage which is served in a similar way to our western-style hot chocolate–warm, creamy, and sweet. There […]

Marijuana Tea Gong Fu

Gong Fu Your High Tea: Luscious Terpene-Infused Cannabis Tea-Time

No doubt you’ve heard a lot of things about cannabis terpenes and how terpenes (the essential fragrance oils in cannabis and other herbs) can enhance and even customize your cannabis experience. But did you know that terpenes are also an essential component for your experience with tea? In the coming […]

rose sun tea

Cool Off Now With My Summer Sun Tea Recipe–Make It Your Way!

Sun tea is one of those summer staples that I can’t do without. Sure, I could boil water or mix up instant tea, but why do that when you can make a gourmet, chef-worthy sun tea with the same tea bags you are about to boil and a handful of […]

The Myth of “Stronger Pot”

We have a saying around here and it goes something like this: If you think that cannabis is more “powerful” today, ie; as defined by levels of THC, than the cannabis of “yesteryear”, say, anywhere from 40-10 years ago, depending on who you ask, the problem isn’t the cannabis, the […]