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Warmth for the Season: Cannabis-Infused Golden Milk

Golden Milk is a traditional Ayurvedic and Indian hot beverage which is served in a similar way to our western-style hot chocolate–warm, creamy, and sweet. There are so many ways to make Golden Milk, but the traditional formulation goes something like this: turmeric, black pepper, and jaggery, warmed in milk. […]

Cannabis Tea 101: Terpene Entourage an Ethereal Adventure

In my new book, High Tea, I introduce a delicate and fragrant method of sweetening marijuana tea using candied flowers, fruits, and herbs with terpene profiles similar to the terpenes found in cannabis. What makes these candied botanicals different from the candied flowers and herbs you may have seen as […]

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Cannabis Tea 101–Marijuana Tea Facts and Fancy

When you hear the terms Cannabis Tea or Marijuana Tea what is meant is actually one of these two things: 1. Marijuana flower, leaves, or stems steeped in water. 2. Leaves of the Camellia sinensis/assamica tea shrub steeped in water infused with cannabinoids from the marijuana plant. #1 is not […]

Coconut Milk Bhang: Get Cannabis-Creative with Your Mota Pot!

So, a few weeks back Carolyn at the Mota Pot company sent me one of their little cannabis-extraction pots to try out. I must say these are cute little pots, and they’d probably make a nice gift for someone you know in the legal cannabis states! If you don’t know […]

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Gong Fu Your High Tea: Luscious Terpene-Infused Cannabis Tea-Time

No doubt you’ve heard a lot of things about cannabis terpenes and how terpenes (the essential fragrance oils in cannabis and other herbs) can enhance and even customize your cannabis experience. But did you know that terpenes are also an essential component for your experience with tea? In the coming […]