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The Huffington Post Interview: Cannabis & Wellness: The Spa Connection

marijuana massage oil

Just in case you haven’t seen it yet–my interview with Linda Harding-Bond for an enlightening article about cannabis spa and my new book, The Cannabis Spa at Home.

Cannabis aka marijuana prohibition is entering its 78th year in the United States. But attitudes toward the plant are changing. Compared to 1968 when only 12% of the population supported legalizing marijuana, today the majority supports legalization.

Earlier this year I was very surprised to read that spa and wellness authority Spa Finder had listed “Cannabis: New spa and wellness connections” as their number two trend for 2015.

To gain insight on what is causing the momentum, I decided to talk to Sandra Hinchliffe, author of The Cannabis Spa at Home. How to Make Marijuana-Infused Lotions, Massage Oils, Ointments, Bath Salts, Spa Nosh, and More.

Read the rest of my interview at the Huffington Post Linda Harding-Bond is the President of Moontide Consulting, international spa trainer and creator of Increasing Your Retail Selling

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