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The Myth of “Stronger Pot”

We have a saying around here and it goes something like this:

If you think that cannabis is more “powerful” today, ie; as defined by levels of THC, than the cannabis of “yesteryear”, say, anywhere from 40-10 years ago, depending on who you ask, the problem isn’t the cannabis, the problem was your lack of access to cannabis flowers high in THC and cannabis concentrates. Powerful, high THC cannabis has always been in existence.

Case in point: Issues of High Times Magazine dating back to the 70s showcase these powerful cannabis strains on a monthly basis. Someone had access to that, even if you did not.

Another case in point: Cannabis strains as high at 30% THC are common in Indica strains found widely throughout Asia and the Middle East. Hashish and Bhang, produced from these high THC strains have been consumed for thousands of years. Hashish is the most commonly used cannabis product there and it starts out at around 50% THC.

Still another case in point: I personally smoked Thai Stick in the 80s and can assure you that when it was available, it was as powerful in THC content as the best top shelf stuff at the legal dispensaries in 2013.

So why is it that nowadays we are always hearing about “how powerful pot is” and “it’s not like the pot your parents smoked?” Sure, if your parents only had access to Mexican cartel brick, then maybe the good stuff would blow them away. Come to think of it, almost everyone I’ve met that has ever vaped on “the good stuff” for the first time may get a little blown away. Then again, if you’ve had decades of access to “the good stuff” the current hype and hand-wringing over “stronger pot OMG” is a big bore, a big yawn. Why didn’t we ever hear about “stronger pot OMG” back when we were smoking Thai Sticks?

Let’s talk about how cannabis IS really different today. With real facts and stuff like that.

Landrace strains (strains that are from or closest to strains found in the wild) are usually naturally high in CBD, which is a companion cannabinoid in cannabis and is essential for a good THC experience, hands down. When people get “paranoid” using cannabis it’s because they aren’t getting enough CBD. And you can’t get much higher than 20% – 30% THC in dried flowers anyhow, the plant just can’t produce it. That’s why people have made and smoked hashish for thousands of years. It is the legal cannabis market that has brought back these high CBD strains from the brink of extinction and developed entirely new ones as well. The legal cannabis market wants you to have a good experience and like the product.

The best dispensaries and collectives always carry product selections that are high in CBD. The selection of cannabis products available today compared to the darkest days of prohibition has grown exponentially, and it’s only going to get better. There is something for everyone.

High THC levels are beneficial for your lungs, your wallet and everything else because you use less. You can only get so high before you pass out. No one in the history of civilization has ever overdosed on cannabis. You may feel “too high” but you can never kill yourself. You could kill yourself with many of the currently legal drugs, including, drinking a fifth of vodka really fast or swallowing an entire package of nicotine gum. Getting “too high” has one easy cure: food and drink. Eat a big meal and drink a bunch of fluid and you will come down from that uncomfortable high very quickly. You won’t even come close to dying. Promise.

Calling cannabis a “hard drug” because of THC content is like calling espresso coffee a “hard drug” because it has more caffeine than a cup of Folgers. THC is about as addictive as caffeine, it turns out.

And last, but not least, today, during the last dying breaths of prohibition, more people are using cannabis in more ways than ever that have no psychoactive effect whatsoever, like topical cannabis products and raw cannabis juicing. The legal market has brought us many good things to be proud of and it’s time to shed the old, drugged-out prohibitionist imagery and thinking.

Ok, and after all of that, I’m ready for a #dab 😉

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