This Saturday! The 2nd Annual Golden Tarp Award In Lovely Humboldt County

I posted about this last year when they were having their first awards competition–and I certainly do support this event and would like to invite YOU to attend this weekend if you can! Humboldt county is gorgeous this time of year–and not only will you have a blast at this event, you’ll have plenty of time to spend at the bejeweled beaches of Humboldt county like Trinidad!

2nd Annual Golden Tarp Award will be held Saturday, Sept. 12 at the Mateel Community Center in Humboldt’s Redway, CA. You can still buy tickets right here.

What makes this event so special?

The Golden Tarp Award showcases farmers who use a special technique of light deprivation which is environmentally friendly and produces delicious flowers. The standards are high–all entries are tested for mold and pesticides. The approach of this awards event is health and community oriented–they even have a session on juicing fresh cannabis this year! It will be exciting to see what recipes will be created with these very special fresh flowers grown with the light deprivation technique!

This year there will also be a high CBD flower category in the competition with farmers showcasing their best low THC and high CBD cannabis flowers. If CBD is your thing, you’ll want to take a fun little road trip this weekend!

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