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Three Reasons Why Olive Oil Is The Best Base For Marijuana Massage Oils, Salves, and Ointments

If you are a regular reader of my blog and/or have read the first edition of my book, you already know that I’m a huge advocate of cannabis spa preparations that are crafted with olive oil. I’ve been using olive oil as a base for my own preparations since I started creating my own recipes because it has so many benefits and advantages over any other oil–and I’m going to outline those for you today.


There’s some science behind this…

According to a study on cannabis extraction from the Department of Pharmacy, University of Siena, Italy
Plant Metabolomics group, Institute of Biology, Leiden University, The Netherlands:

The use of olive oil as extraction solvent was found to be most beneficial based on the fact that it extracted higher amounts of terpenes than the other solvents/methods, especially when using an extended heating time (120 min; protocol 5). This may be explained by the highly non-polar but also non-volatile character of olive oil, resulting in a good solubilization of terpenes while limiting their loss by evaporation.

Olive oil is also high in oleic acids, which aid in the quick and complete penetration of the oil into your skin. Compared to fats like coconut oil, olive oil also feels less greasy; and this is due to its higher oleic acid profile.

Furthermore, olive oil has a low allergen profile, and it’s also less likely to be contaminated with major allergens like tree nuts during processing. Olive oil is pressed directly from the olives and requires no solvents or heat, which makes it a clean food product that you can always feel confident about when using on yourself or others.

Olive oil is more versatile by itself than any other oil

I write about this extensively in my book as it is the basis of many of my cannabis spa recipes! Olive oil can be prepared multiple ways using heat and refrigeration. Olive oil as the sole fat base in spa preparations can be warmed to prepare a soothing massage oil, processed in the refrigerator for several hours to become a soft ointment, or in the freezer to become a harder salve.

And, depending on how the olives are grown–their variety, soil, and a bunch of other factors–each olive oil will have its own distinctive flavor and aroma. Select the olive oils that delight your senses the most to create a cannabis spa massage oil, salve, or ointment with your own unique touch!

Olive oil is accessible and frugal

High quality olive oil is cheap (for the most part), sold everywhere, and already in most kitchen cabinets.

Here in California, very fresh and high quality olive oil is almost always available at the farmer’s market directly from the olive farms at bargain prices! I’ve purchased 750 ml bottles for $10 or less in most instances. Even if you aren’t located near any olive farms you can expect a similar price point at your supermarket for many of the better quality olive oils.

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