Why Hydrology 9 is Going to Set Your Holiday Season Ablaze!

Thanks to the Cloudious company for providing a unit for review in this article.

It’s not often that I get this excited about a new cannabis vaporization device–but when it comes to the Hydrology 9, well there’s so much that is so special about it that it makes me want to sing from the rooftops. Yes, I am serious.

Many of you know my love of making naturally-infused essence waters for glassware. I talk about that in the last chapter of my book, The Cannabis Spa at Home, and here on the site. Glassware paired with a flavorful scented water such as distilled rose water or scented essence water you can create by floating some flowers and herbs in a bowl out in the sun for a few hours will lift your cannabis sessions to new heights that you never imagined were possible in terms of both flavor and experience.

The Hydrology 9 is an extraordinary cannabis vaporization device that combines the best of traditional glassware with vaporizing technology in a gorgeous device that you will be proud to serve your guests this holiday season. And here’s the best part: all of my lovely infused essence waters work perfectly with this device. Just add your favorite water to the device and turn it on.

But wait, there’s more! Check this out:

What is the one thing that is the most inconvenient about using a flower vape? That’s right. Keeping the bowl stirred so that the flowers all vape evenly and thoroughly without burning. Hydrology 9 solves this problem with perfection–just fill the bowl and the sweet little stirring tool screws into the bowl and can be twisted throughout the session to keep your flowers vaporizing evenly. Brilliant.

The Hydrology 9 has several heat settings all of which are a different color of LED light. So this vape is not only incredibly customizable, but it’s gorgeous to use and display.

It’s not too early to start thinking about the holidays and for the host or hostess the Hydrology 9 is the perfect accessory for your holiday gathering. It’s quite possibly the best vape I’ve ever used in my life and that’s saying a lot because I have tried many and Hydrology 9 is impressive.

My only wish is that I had more photos to share with you. I am forever a clutz and ended up dropping and breaking the device one day a few months back. So don’t be like me and handle this gorgeous vape with care!

$250 at Hydrology 9 it does make a great gift!

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