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Hinchliffe's recipes pack a punch! -- Grace Gold, Health & Beauty Journalist

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Cannabis is the key ingredient in this book, but what makes The Cannabis Spa at Home stand out is the comfort and grace in which cannabis is discussed in its pages...cannabis isn’t just used here as a gimmick to sell a medicore spa book. There is actual substance presented in a comfortable, soothing and professional package. -- Allison Edrington, Editor

THE GANJIER ❀ What makes a book good for cannabis beginners? — Trying ‘The Cannabis Spa at Home’

I used this on my sore shoulder muscles and received relief, and I used it in combination with the Warm Plunge soak with positive effects. -- Allison Edrington, Editor


If you are looking for some tips or maybe a new recipe, may I suggest the new book The Cannabis Spa At Home by Sandra Hinchliffe. This book has great recipes for everything from a quick salve to bath salts. Don’t smoke the bath salts, though. -- Nagaio Bealum, Cannabis Lifestyle Columnist

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The images are beautiful, the recipes lush and easy to follow. As a spa professional I can easily see how it could become a "must have" item for any spa wishing to incorporate cannabis therapy into their repertoire of products and services. --Linda Harding-Bond, international spa trainer and creator of Increasing Your Retail Selling

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Marijuana isn't just good for getting a high — it also boasts medicinal benefits that make it great for your skin, too.. --Kristin Colella

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HAIL MARY JANE ❀ The Cannabis Spa Book

Here at HMJ we don't plug a lot of products, but if something catches our attention we will. Here's something I've not seen previously -- a book on using cannabis to make spa-type health and beauty products. --DavidB

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